OVER THE BRIDGE is a non-profit dedicated to increasing awareness of mental health and addictions within the music industry by providing education, and support resources.

As the entertainment industry constantly fluctuates and produces pressures and stress, the people working in the industry sometimes forget to take care their mental health, which can lead to substance abusing. Every day, the issues and stigma surrounding mental health and addiction grow. By sharing our experiences with each other, we can learn that our struggles are not ones we need to face alone. Together, we can create a solid support system to help future generations and ourselves.

For decades, the music industry has normalized and glamorized addictions and ignored mental illness. A report by Help Musicians UK titled “Can Music Make You Sick?” states Whilst it is a widely held perspective that creating music attracts people with particular psychological tendencies, the message that came through in the survey was clear: Music making is therapeutic, but making a career out of music is destructive”.

A study from Australia by Entertainment Assist found that people who work in the Australian music industry have double the suicide rate when compared to the general population. In a similar comparison, they also found anxiety and depression rates to be ten and five times greater, respectively, for those in the Australian music industry.

These findings give people in the music industry some insight into the kind of unhealthy lifestyle the music industry can foster. We understand that musicians or crew members often abuse a substance of choice to manage the mental pressures of the industry. Road-based separation anxiety, the uncertainty of daily life, financial instability, emotional ups and downs of show days, and lack of rest and nutrition all play a part. Often a person’s addiction and mental health are ignored or glorified. Viewing addiction and mental illness through the same lens we use to view other illnesses such as cancer, we need to educate ourselves in order to help lift the stigmas associated with mental health and the disease of addiction, especially as they pertain to the music industry. Let’s work together, talk together and support each other. Together there’s a way OVER THE BRIDGE!

OVER THE BRIDGE commits itself to the following goals:

  • Making it easier for the music industry to gain access to support resources
  • Respect, inform and involve the music industry in our research about addictions and mental health
  • Some priorities include:
    • Enhancing awareness of addiction and mental health education and support recourses by increasing alliances and collaborations.
    • Generate addictions and mental health training and education opportunities at music festivals, wellness conferences, music venues and online using public speaking opportunities, documentaries, videos, literature, and advertisements
    • Create financial, educational and marketing collaborative opportunities for organizations who share the same Over the Bridge vision

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